MT4 to Crypto Exchange Bridge

first in the market, simply works.
First MT4 Bridge for Crypto Exchange?

EXBridge’s MT4 bridge was completely in late 2021, and was the FIRST one that successfully connected to major crypto exchanges of Binance, Huobi & OKX.

Not only providing the pricing on a 24×7 basis, but also the provide excellent executions to those major crypto exchanges.

Why EXBridge?

EASY TO USE: Most trading platforms are usually far to complex for many traders to fully grasp. MT4 is on the other hand is very simple and intuitive.

HUGE COMMUNITY: FX as a mature market has a trader community in the hundreds of millions.

Can current MT4 Broker request a demo?

Yes. Sign up using the PARTNER REQUEST, and we’ll send you the Demo Account login details by email.