EXBridge to OKX Instruction

Main Features: The First & Only reliable MT4 Bridge that works with OKX, BINANCE & HTX!

  1. You use YOUR OWN OKX account. The crypto assets are stored IN YOUR OWN account.
  2. EXBridge is 100% pure technology provider and will never be able to withdrawal your asset.
  3. You can use MT4 to trade just like trading any other forex or gold products.
  4. You will have a MT4 manager where you can credit your MT4 account with trading credits in order to settle the trade on OKX. For example, if your OKX account has 50,000 USDT, you can choose to credit your MT4 with 10,000. All the trades will pass-through the bridge, to your OKX account. It’s like trading bot, only much better.

CLICK HERE for a live demo

Setup Instructions:

  1. Create a Trading API using your OKX account.
  2. If you do not have an OKX account, please use this click to create account with 30% commission reduction
    MAKE SURE the following info shows correctly, otherwise, you will NOT receive the 30% commission reduction.

  3. When creating the API in OKX.
  4. Send the API info to us at support@exbridge.io in TEXT. (there is a button for you to COPY the API info. DO NOT just send the screenshot)
  5. EXBridge will set up the bridge and deliver with you the MT4 account and MT4 manager!
  6. NOW, you can use MT4 to trade on OKX, with ALL THE FUNCTIONS that MT4 can offer.